Sunday, April 07, 2013


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The weekend started out nicely with some laughs and a quick meeting with Paul Reiser with Jim at the Comedy Works here in Denver, but then for unknown reasons, sleeping wrongly on my pillow I guess, or for the fact that my time has all been consumed with preparing my taxes, (natural pain in the neck) ;) I pulled a muscle in my neck which caused me to become part of the couch all day yesterday and miss a long awaited show, the wonderful sigur rós. I have been looking forward seeing them live for far too long, but hopefully they come back to Denver some day again. In good news though it feels better already and picking up some yoga this week sounds better then ever.


CforStyle said...

Your illustration is really great! All the best for your neck. I had the same problem last week.

Leigh Viner said...

Thank you! I think it is a pinched nerve.. Horrible :( but getting better thankfully! Hope yours is also. xo

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