Thursday, June 20, 2013

Italian Rose

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{ Dress- Forever 21, Hat- Vintage, Shoes- Alexander Wang, Bag- Balenciaga, Sunglasses- Ray Ban }

Just back and catching up this week from a wonderful and overdue trip to New York City. I really do miss the city, the never ending cycle of movement that I love to blend into, watch and explore. It was Jim's first trip to NYC so I had to walk us everywhere of course and turn our legs into to jelly in the process.

As much as I love it there though it is also good to be home and especially reunited with my adorable Braelynn. We went exploring ourselves today close to home finding serene streets to take some photos and I found the house above that was distinctly built with Italy in mind down to a row of cypress trees on a large lot and it also happens to be for sale, (not that it is even in my budget) but yes a girl can dream.

I will post photos soon here from the trip, but in the meantime you can follow my Instagram as I post a ton of my travel photos there each week.


Dancing Branflake said...

You and your daughter are beyond beautiful. I've been enjoying your gorgeous photos on IG. Always a treat.

lubica said...

amazing pics...

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