Monday, December 02, 2013

DIY Avent Calendar

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December is here,(what!!) and officially the countdown to Christmas.
The past few years I have grabbed for my daughter the old cardboard door avent calendars that have chocolate (of the worst kind) behind the small doors, but honestly the spirit was just not there for that, she would open 4 doors and forget about it. So this year I wanted to do something that would be more memorable as we countdown to Christmas morning and also it gives a chance for the girls to give back as well. On odd days, I will put in the box with the appropriate date that they can unstick off of the wall a little surprise to keep, and on the even days, the girls will find instructions or a gift that they have to give to someone else. Example, ingredients to bake something for the neighbors or make homemade notes and cards for the family. We are also going to decorate a mini tree to drop off at a local retirement center. It is also fun for me as I get to come up something everyday to surprise them with.

It took just under an hour to make. I grabbed cheap stenciled numbers and sprayed them with some leftover chalkboard paint. When I ran out of 1's and 2's I just took the stencil and traced them onto fun paper from a local Hobby Lobby.

I grabbed black string and 3 clear push pins and then stuck the letters up with washi tape in a chaotic manner which was inpired by this Avent calendar.

For the box I used an old shoe box wrapped in shipping paper. With everything I spent around $5.00. Joy!

I am also having a Holiday sale. I am giving away a free print of your choice in my shop with every order which runs until December 8th as a thank you for your amazing support throughout the year. :)

Happy Holidays everyone xo

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Dancing Branflake said...

fabulous! I made an advent calendar for a friend with burlap pouches and clothes pins, but I love the box idea. And I'm going to promote this sale- how wonderful and thank you!

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