Sunday, March 16, 2014


 photo LL11714SM_zpsd2c94f9b.jpg
The last photo taken at my old home in January before the big change.

A very long time since my last post, yikes! I have been moving from my old home to the new home for a few weeks, ok a little over a month, but as of today we are officially settled. As we closed the door for the last time it hit hard letting go of something that has been a part of my life for so long, but simultaneously the excitement of turning the page was needed and as I type this I can assure you that the past month of staying under our new roof has been nothing short of wonderful.

 photo h1_zps8fca1856.jpg  photo h2_zps0793fb4f.jpg
{ old, top, vs new living room space }

Change is the only constant, and with change comes fresh ideas and new inspirations. I will start again to bring the space of my blog that I love and miss back to life and cannot wait to share with you as I get back into that rhythm, will share the rooms as they come together along with new art, photography and many other topics that are in my pool of interests.
Thank you in the meantime for following along with me on Instagram while all was going on, it has kept my creative needs in check.

See you tomorrow for #MusicMonday



agnes szucs said...

Oh, congrats. Yeah, change is good. And this kinda change is especially invigorating.

Those high windows look so very good!



agnes said...

Hope you post some photos of your new home Leigh. I also just moved (a few months ago) and you're so right about "change".

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