Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Sweet 16

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Continuing on the variations on the simple classic button up from here and here showcasing the history behind and how Kaylynn and I would wear ours. I have now included Jayme, who at 16 has that natural way of putting things together creatively without having to think too much about it, which I envy about that age. When I was 16 I used to just grab what was on the floor and go to school in my punk way I was back then, but I always felt like I was expressing myself just right and didn't have to think to hard to figure it all out. Today, I am honestly in-between, I am either overthinking it or way under thinking which is basically saying, "I have no time, I will just throw the same thing on from yesterday."
Maybe I should just take a few things from my closet and keep them on the floor ;)

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kcomekarolina said...

amazing look!!!

xoxo from rome



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