Sunday, June 08, 2014


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Hello everyone! I hope your having a fantastic weekend. Wanted to share the newest edition to my shop from an archived piece that has been updated for the shop.

Also I will be heading to the humidity of Austin shortly and cannot help but think about what to do with my hair... I know so important, but really in the grand scheme of it all, a bad hair day can effect my entire day. I have naturally curly hair, which gives me options that I appreciate as I get older actually instead of looking at it as a bad thing as I did most of my childhood, but when visiting high humidity places it begins growing sideways in an uncomfortable and annoying manner, add heat to that and I just want it out of the way. I have not yet found a magical product that will keep my hair from misbehaving, so yes an up-do will have to do. Here are a few of my inspirations I will be taking with me.

 photo Updo1-1_zps3326f1a0.jpg

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 photo updo3_zps0d78a22d.jpg


Kati said...

Humidity and heat can be a real pain. I am currently living in Hong Kong where it is very hot and humidity sometimes reaches over 95%. Even though I have straight hair and I know for people with curly hair it is even worse but I already tried so many products and I couldn't find a solution yet. I heard Brazilian blowout works for some people but I don't like to much chemicals in my hair :)

Leigh Viner said...

I have thought of that too, but agree I do not want to risk damaging my hair even more especially since I color it..
Hope to visit Hong Kong btw someday and with my hair up lol! :)

Dancing Branflake said...

That top photo would look magnificent on you. Have fun!

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