Saturday, December 06, 2014

"Tender" ~ Journal Poems

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© Leigh Viner 2014


Sleeping past silenced alarms inching towards skin rather then the safe wall of withdrawal
Content turn of virtue
Continuing in motion in content
Halted friendless due to preferred leisure
Warm ruthful breaths...
Response to ego and shift love to yours truly
A lens, nature and glistening haze of flurry
Calm duration before frost-bound
The tender now mirthful...

Self Portrait image inspired by Parc Boutique image via April & May

Darlings my poor blog! I miss it! With the shift of easier posting on my other social networks and a crazy few months that I have been working behind the scenes the blog seems to be set aside. I will try to hopefully get on to obsessing about it again, which I actually do in my head, but just need to put that all into a regular thing again. Anyhooooo.. I was updating my journal, which is my book of everything, lists, notes on culture, inspirations and my personal thoughts and once in awhile poems that find way between it all. This one I found from January of this year. It inspired me to continue to practice and add some more before years end and a new journal begins.

I hope all is well!! xo

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