Monday, August 17, 2015


Dropping off the girls for the first full week of school! Summer vacation is officially over, which is strange for me as I was always the one to start after Labor Day, but with the uninterrupted time now during the days it does help to get more work done and find time to do nice things for myself which after this weekend is absolutely necessary!!

I am the one to always carry water with me everywhere I go, but for some reason in the hustle of last week getting my daughter ready for back to school, work, little sleep and with also getting ready for my best friend coming into Denver, I just for some reason pushed my well being aside. It came back to bite me in a very scary situation on Saturday with fainting spells from being overheated, dehydration, and some sort of anxiety attack that landed me in the ER. That has never happened to me before, it scared me so much that I will absolutely make sure to try to never let that happen again!!
I will get to what needs to be done, but not with sacrificing my well being. Thank you a million times over to my dearest Jen for taking care of me!

Has anything like this ever happened to any of you?


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