Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sky Wolf

 photo Sky Wolf-SM-LeighViner2016-2_zps4ifmkka9.jpg
© Leigh Viner 2016

One of the 1st of a few illustrations to be added to my shop in the new year. I have been enjoying creating some personal work that was put on the back burner a bit last year for a few reasons, mostly juggling client work and also the days just continue to fill up with many other obligations, c'est la vie!
I also used to have the energy to pull the late nights and early mornings, but honestly, finding my way to give sleep a priority, a full 6-8 hours has made all the difference in the world on so many levels. For years and especially when my daughter was much smaller I was accustomed to maybe 3-5 hours of sleep a night as I would work after she went to sleep and then have to balance what I could during the day. I am thankful that I could do it back then as that was the only way at the time, but let me say, I love how much better I feel all around with a good night of sleep.. Everything in moderation, true true.

*Art inspired by an editorial in Town and Country Magazine March 2015 styled by Nicoletta Santoro

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