Wednesday, March 16, 2016

About You - Sketchbook Series

 photo AboutYouSM-2016-LeighViner_zpsaledgprg.jpg
© Leigh Viner 2016

Until recently I have never really thought about selling prints from my actual sketchbooks. I usually just share mostly on Instagram but have been getting some requests and thought, why not! So look out for more to come along as a separate category in my shop.
This one above is available in my shop now.
I am feeling a bit overwhelmed this week due to breaking my phone. (Things could be worse I know ) but I really have come to rely on it for so many work related things, so until the replacement arrives I have been adjusting with a half ass working phone that freezes up when I need it the most. Still though I have managed to use snapchat, my latest social addiction. You can follow along here if you like, I am still getting into the rhythm, showing my goofy real life stuff, along with interests and work. Just all those little moments of each day.

Until soon xo

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