Friday, April 06, 2012

Postcards From London Day 2

Intricate stitching of Theyskens' Theory

Finding local favorite cafes for morning coffee

Spring blossoms

The second day in London, includes drinking coffee way to fast to warm from the cold winds, but thankfully clear from the expected rain that I was sure to see. Extra energy to follow from the caffeine to explore the neighborhood we are near. A stop at Zara because it was there and buying a wonderful mixed floral blouse that seemed to be needed ;) An unexpected cost for a new curling iron despite the fact I brought mine and the proper outlets, it still was not working, always expect the unexpected.

Stuffing our faces with a proper English Breakfast of thick ham, sausage, beans eggs and toast, Pizza for lunch and late night snacks for dinner as we have yet to adjust to the time difference, so dinnertime seemed to be when everything closed at 2 am. Healthy for day 2, no.. ;P

Now time to get ready for the Showcase Tonight!!


Unknown said...

omg!!!i so mych miss london

xoxo from rome

Natalie Suarez said...

so so in love with this! xx

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