Monday, April 09, 2012

Postcards From London Day 3

Palm Trees in London ??

WIth Sylvie Cho, the Curator and new friend.

Photos taken by Jim Miller from 3rd one down.

Hello hello everyone!!

I feel so out of touch as I have had some issues getting online, but finally connected and ready to update a bit from the last few days starting with day 3 of London, which was also the day of the Showcase
Amazing to say the least and so honoring to meet quite a few of you in person. I will share more photos of the show in a few weeks.

Thank you again to everyone that came and for everyone that help make the night such a great success!


Anonymous said...

yay, you made it to London .. fabulous! looking great... within your exhibition! looking forward to more images! enjoy your stay in Europe! xo

Fashion Wrap Up said...

WOW! I hope you are having fun!! I love all the pictures you have taken so far of your trip to London. Can't wait for more!

Xo- Christy

herman and ivy said...

So so awesome!!! And great photos!

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