Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Spring Reading List

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I am an avid reader and collector of books and at times cannot help but read more then one book at a time, I just get so excited and curious in a obsessive way really. So I thought I would share with you my picks that I will be adding to my collection for Spring with the exception of, "The Story of Olga" as it is a collectors item with a $700.00 price tag, yikes! { Wish List }

Click on each book for more information.


Natalie Heather said...

Ouhh, great picks!

MADE BY GIRL said...

i heard about that book, story of olga being so pricey...waaay too much, agree!
The power of habit was a book I though about reading...looks interesting.

Leigh Viner said...

I know so ridiculous at $700.00. I hopefully will find it at a local bookstore and just stare at it there I guess, ;) btw I am having issues trying to comment on other blogger blogs, it just disappears ? (looking into it ) but I wanted to leave a comment from this post of yours, ~ will do it here for now lol!

"LOVE the print and need to get it for sure! I also love the gap in Laura's teeth as I had one as a child and always appreciated it. It eventually came together but wouldn't have mind if it didn't. "


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