Sunday, May 19, 2013


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© Leigh Viner 2013

MIA from the blog for a few weeks, blaming it on the gorgeous weather, last few weeks of school for my daughter before summer vacation and various art projects that called for my attention. As an artist, life is unpredictable as it is so sometimes it is needed for me to step back and catch up.

I cannot wait though to step into the summer schedule, which is a bit backwards from the rest of the year, (dragging to even get out of bed) !! But after this week when summer officially starts, I become the early, early bird, waking up sometimes before the sun rises and happily. I find the time with my coffee and the warm mornings are my favorite time of day. Gone be the rush of getting my daughter ready for school and driving with many others in a hurry. I can take my time, read the paper and gain a few more daytime hours for work that otherwise would be used up driving to and from school, joy and happy summer!

As for the art here I completed this stretched out due to my schedule as well. Happy she is finally done and glad to be back :)

Inspiration by photographer Erik Madigan Heck for W Magazine January 2013

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