Monday, May 20, 2013

♫ #Music Monday { Daft Punk }

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Today's Music Monday is all Daft Punk with the release of Random Access Memories tomorrow. You can stream here along with me from i-tunes.

Also a well written review of the new album with the title saying it all, "Daft Punk Gets Human With a New Album" from The NY Times "The album is an analog flashback to the era of live musicianship".
"When the rest of the world catches up with you, where do you go next? In a paradox that informs the entire project, doing something new for Daft Punk involved embracing the methods and mind-set of the past. The result is an album that is impressive but backward-looking, drawing on influences like soft rock, progressive rock and New Wave. Aspiring to the sumptuous production and arrangements of late ‘70s rock and R&B albums, “Random Access Memories” is full of songs that allude to time, transience and yesterday’s idea of the future. The title is a play on the idea of computer memory — RAM — versus human memory".

Lastly I have been enjoying the collaborator series from the album, this one below from Giorgio Moroder.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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Macky Paige said...

I am loving the album! You should also check out the awesome Pitchfork article on these guys…..

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