Sunday, August 11, 2013

Leigh Viner + Rumi Neely + Mlle Mademoiselle + Rx Social

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© Leigh Viner 2013
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Via Rumi Neely

A fun collaboration with Rumi Neely, Mlle Mademoiselle and Rx Social that I did at the beginning of the summer for Mlle Mademoielle's Fall campaign. She is such a natural beauty in front of the camera that it really made my job easy to represent her on paper with that same natural quality.

In other news, I am getting ready to completely switch my schedule around for the new school year. My daughter is heading into 5th grade already, seriously how this is happening as far as time flying by I cannot wrap my head around it. We have one more week left of summer to savor, but also sadly to practice getting up early for her, less minecraft (her current addiction and reminds me of some sort of Atari type game from my childhood) and spending money on all the fun new school supplies and clothes that come with a new school year. That was always my favorite part as a child, fresh books, paper, new shoes etc, but yeah now as the Mom, $$$, budget, budget, budget! Her face with excitement makes up for it and of course is priceless.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.. xo

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msmathey said...

Love the tiny touches of color - adds so much to this dramatic piece!
BTW - my 12 year old plays Minecraft all the time - if he isn't playing he is watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. There are also lots of downloads of mods and skins. . .

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