Thursday, September 05, 2013

So Long Summer

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Bid adieu to summer in the best place I know how, where there is a transition of weather to verify and give awareness that change is now here for fall. This very spot while everyone was fishing, I pulled out my sketchbook and noted a few goals I want to bring to fruition for the last months of the year, doodled my surroundings and was at complete calm in my mind, which I will tell you is difficult for me. A racing mind is the norm, especially working from home where it can be difficult to turn off the to do's.

Lake Dillon is only a short ride from Denver but feels a million miles away and each year I try to go back for all of the reasons above with my family and friends to celebrate the end of summer. The views are breathless and at night a fireworks show to mark the celebration of Labor day and again especially for me a farewell to the summer season.

So my friends Summer was amazing, hot as hell, but makes summer nights outside my favorite place to be with wine and conversation. I was extremely busy with some amazing clients that I have been blessed to work with and cannot wait to share in the near future. Was able to sneak away to NYC in June and stayed at the utterly cool NoMad hotel which I hope to go back soon just because.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer as well! Now back to school for the little one, a somewhat normal work day schedule, new wardrobe pieces to add for the new season and with NY fashion week starting off this week comes a ton of fresh inspiration. First up, Erin Fetherston as inspiration for my trip to Texas in a few weeks to see my best friend Jen. Endless laughter awaits, a new baby to meet that she welcomed to the world for us all to love and a Depeche Mode show in the Woodlands. Hello Fall!!

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