Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Weekends

 photo LL5-blog_zps15eab134.jpg
Stocking up on paint to finish my latest piece.
 photo LLW-6Blog_zps77755c08.jpg
Close up
 photo LL600-1F_zps21eb0694.jpg
Sun and Coffee, a morning must.
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 photo LL300-6_zps8b18d571.jpg
 photo LLW2-blog_zps60063342.jpg
 photo LLW4-blog_zps4c781e3e.jpg
Solitary days at the park reading, walking and just being.
 photo LL300-4_zps3a30885a.jpg
 photo BLW2-blog_zps4f34da78.jpg
 photo BLW1-blog_zps46227036.jpg
 photo LLW3-blog_zpsf4fe3a72.jpg
Lazy days at the Platte River trying to beat the heat.

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agnes said...

Love the photos Leigh -- you look so relaxed. Your daughter is so pretty, just like her mommy :-)

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